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Do you have a question about your work with GQM MES or is the programme not behaving as you expected?
We are here for you! Simply click at the bottom of the page on
‘Make a support enquiry now’.

What happens when you click on ‘Make a support enquiry now’:

If you are using an e-mail client, a new e-mail draft* will open with the correct recipient address. So that we can provide you with the fastest and best possible support, please write your request in the subject line and a description of your request in the actual message. If possible, please send us a separate message for each process.

After the support message has been received by GRÜN GQM GmbH:

You will now receive an automatically generated reply e-mail from us within a few minutes. The subject of this message contains an event number. We can use this event number to clearly identify the process at any time. If you do not find a message from us in your inbox within a short time, please also check your spam folder.

We will now process your enquiry and get back to you.

If you have any queries or new information about your enquiry, please always reply to the automatically generated e-mail so that we can automatically allocate all information correctly. Please also always quote the incident number when contacting us by telephone.

*If your company’s IT domain guidelines allow this

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Ansprechpartner GRÜN GQM Support
  • Antonie Grameier